Leading Complex Change

Leading Complex Change

We Help You Accelerate Strategy Execution:

Change has become a constant factor for organizations. Technological innovation is evolving faster than ever, market places are continuously changing, new generations are entering the workplace, globalization is all around us. All this creates opportunities and challenges for companies. How can leaders deal with these changes successfully?

  • How to be successful in defining a shared vision and strategy?
  • How to strengthen executive team alignment?
  • How to create and keep a shared focus?
  • How to detect smart opportunities for cross-company collaboration?
  • How to improve the speed and quality of strategy execution?
  • How to use the power of strategy road maps?
  • How to develop and lead virtual teams?
  • How to go beyond compliance and create real commitment?
  • How to encourage sharing of best practices, knowledge and experiences across departments and divisions?
  • How to install a culture of continuous improvement and innovation?

We offer a unique combination of business consulting, strategy execution support, and leadership & team development expertise. Based on 25 years of international experience with leading complex change.

Brochure of a Team Development Workshop

Team Alignment Brochure – Click and Download

Our expertise includes (a combination of) the following services:

  • Executive Team Alignment Sessions
  • In-depth Team Alignment Programs (see brochure)
  • Installing Disciplined Strategy Execution
  • Creating Focus using Road Map Methodology
  • Portfolio & Program Management
  • Engaging Management & Employees
  • Setting up Transparent Communication Structures
  • Measuring Impact of Results on Company Performance
  • Organization & Process Redesign
  • Developing and Facilitating In-House L&D Programs
  • Developing Cross-Company Collaboration Skills
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team Coaching

Our work is known by our clients for its its hands-on approach and strong link with the client’s business reality. Our services are always customized to your specific needs.

Do you want to known more about how we can support and boost your strategy execution? Contact us.

Other services:

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Post Merger Integration

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