Mergers and Acquisitions: To Create Value We Need to Focus on People Aspects

Mergers and acquisitions, people shake hands

Let me make a bold statement: When it comes to mergers & acquisitions we spend approximately 75% of our energy in the pre-deal phase on financial, legal, and technical aspects to come to a deal, but when it comes to…

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How Successful Cross-Cultural Leaders Work

Cover of e-book The Cross-Cultural Compass presented on iPad and iPhone with picture of a compass.

Download Your Personal Guide to How Successful Cross-Cultural Leaders Work: The Cross-Cultural Compass.
Filled with Practical Tips and Real-life Stories. A Multi-Media Handbook (text, podcasts, visuals) that You Can Use on All Your Devices.

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3 Good Reasons For Boosting Your Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross Cultural Compass Quote

Why is cross-cultural leadership getting so much attention? Why is it important for today’s leaders to develop their cross-cultural effectiveness? Let me tell you a story.  It starts on a hot summer day in 2001 when the managing director of…

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Leadership: What is The Essence of Building Trust

Photo: TerryJohnston/Flickr (Creative Commons)

Being able to build trust is regarded as a crucial element of successful leadership. Especially in today’s globalized business world with its high rate of change and its cross-cultural challenges. But what is the essence of building trust? What does…

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