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The Cross-Cultural Compass

Over the past 25 years, Aad Boot has gathered a vast amount of experience as a leadership advisor, change leader, team facilitator, and executive coach in cross-cultural situations.

In the Cross-Cultural Compass (the first in a series to be developed), Aad shares insights and practical tips about how successful cross-cultural leaders work, and what differentiates them from other leaders. Writing in his engaging, personal style, he sums up his experience in a series of practical tips and insights that you can immediately use in your daily work and life.

How do you move people from ‘knowing we are different’ to ‘knowing how to work together successfully?

How to create openness and trust between team members, despite cultural differences?

Which key leadership traits foster your cross-cultural competence?

How can you turn cultural differences into strengths?

The Cross-Cultural Compass is not a book that tries to box the complexity of your business reality into simplified stereotypes. Instead, it offers you a ready-to-use compass giving you direction in cross-cultural and ‘East meets West’ business situations. Its concise format, which offers a dynamic mix of text, images, links, audios, and social media, makes it a powerful guide to building successful cross-cultural relationships.

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Aad Boot is founder and managing partner at HRS Business Transformation Services where he works with executives and leadership teams in three key domains: ‘leading complex change’, ‘cross-cultural leadership’, and ‘post-merger integration’.  He is a popular keynote speaker, and has developed compact and interactive booster sessions specifically for people who want to strengthen their cross-cultural effectiveness (find more here).

Hanneke Siebelink is research partner and writer at HRS Business Transformation Services, and author of several books. One of her fields of expertise is studying leaders and the way they lead change in cross-cultural environments, with a special focus on China and East-West relations.

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