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‘How to Boost Your Cross-Cultural Leadership’

“Two highly stimulating workshops that will surprise you with their immediate and practical applicability.”

You actively engage with (potential) business partners from unfamiliar cultures, and want to build successful business relationships despite cultural differences.

You want to get your team based on three continents to work together effectively, and wonder what the secret is.

In our globalized economy your ability to understand and build solid relationships with people across cultures is no longer a ‘nice to have’, but has become a crucial leadership competency.

We have developed two compact and interactive booster sessions specifically for people (executives, team leaders, entrepreneurs, researchers) who want to boost their cross-cultural effectiveness and leadership in today’s globalized business environment.

Workshop One: How to Boost Your Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Cross-Cultural Effectiveness Workshop, brochure

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Workshop Two: How to Lead Cross-Cultural Teams

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No theory, but workshops filled with real-life examples that will be directly related to your own business reality and challenges.

Two highly stimulating workshops that will surprise you with their immediate and practical applicability.

Designed to help you develop your own cross-cultural antennas, our popular booster workshops will give you a series of practical tips and equip you with key insights that you can immediately use in your daily work and life. The tips and insights are based on real-life cases and examples we encountered in the 30 years we have been supporting business leaders internationally in cross-cultural environments: what works well and what doesn’t.

We deliver our cross-cultural leadership workshops in-house, as part of corporate universities, and at international conferences. Always with the same enthusiastic feedback.

Contact us for further information. We will be pleased to discuss your specific needs with you and offer you a tailor-made proposal.

Contact Aad Boot: aad.boot@gmail.com or Hanneke Siebelink: hanneke.siebelink@gmail.com

What participant have said:

“Aad is one of my best sparring partners when it comes to leadership, strategic thinking and leading change. He is a great listener, perhaps the best I know, and translates this input very quickly into valuable advice and actions. Last month I invited him in my board room to speak about cross-cultural leadership. My team was invigorated by his enthusiasm, professionalism and rich experience working with top teams implementing strategies in cross-cultural environments.”Peter Sarasyn, Managing Director Resources Global Professionals / Executive Member European Leadership Board

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