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Focusing on the people behind the facts

LeadershipWatch Hanneke SiebelinkHanneke is Research Partner and Writer at HRS Business Transformation Services. Before joining HRS she worked many years internationally as a business consultant (Deloitte) and trade policy specialist (US Mission to the European Union). Over the years she has built a specific expertise on how complex organizations like the European Union function, and how people build collaboration. She is fascinated by what she calls ‘the people behind the facts’ and has written a book about it called ‘The 50 Days that Changed Europe’ (read the Wall Street Journal review here).

Hanneke’s research for HRS focuses on how the quality and effectiveness of collaboration across business units, companies and cultures determines success. Her work is a constant source of refinement and enrichment for the HRS alignment and strategy execution methodology. Next to that she supports companies and organizations as an experienced manager of book and communication projects.

Hanneke has studied at Leuven University where she gained a degree in applied economics. She went on to study the Italian language in Perugia, after which she obtained a Masters in European Studies at the London School of Economics and started her career as a consultant at Deloitte. She then worked in Brussels for ten years as an advisor to the US Mission to the European Union, where she gained a deep understanding of both EU and US policy.

Hanneke is the author of several books.  She is currently studying ancient China’s nature-based philosophy and learning Mandarin.

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