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    7 Top Insights for Leading East-West Business Teams

    As business leader you are increasingly dealing with East-West business teams. Leading these teams effectively has a great impact on the success of companies in today’s business reality.

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    Skills of the Future: The Best Expert Advice on Creativity

    By 2020, creativity will be one of the top 3 skills anyone who wants to be successful in the economy of the future will need, according to the Future of Jobs report. We looked for the best expert advice on creativity – and found it.

  • strategy execution, vision, people, collaboration

    Strategy Execution: A Short Checklist that Helps

    Strategy execution is a key topic on the agenda of Boards and Executive Committees. The increased focus by senior leadership on strategy execution is a good thing. If you’re not good at it, you can get into trouble. Read more …

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    Why Collaboration Is a Top Concern for Every Leader

    A lack of cross-organizational collaboration can seriously hinder a company to execute its strategy successfully. How to make sure your organization is fast and flexible enough, that people and units align and combine their efforts quickly enough, that results are achieved? Read more about how to improve collaboration …

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    How Successful Cross-Cultural Leaders Work

    How to Boost Your Cross-Cultural Leadership Skills.
    Learning to understand and getting comfortable with the deeper level of a culture that is not your own requires a certain mindset. A mindset that can significantly improve your effectiveness in cross-cultural settings.

  • Leading Change: What does Change mean to You?

    You find two kinds of leaders, those who lead change as a continuous learning and improvement experience versus those who do not … yet. And their mental models are reflected in the successes people achieve. Read more …

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    Cross-Cultural Leadership: How to Build Mutual Trust?

    Many companies operate in globalized markets, and leaders have to deal with cross-cultural differences. How do successful leaders create effective collaboration across organizations between members from different cultures? Read More …

Leading Complex Change

Leading Complex Change

We Help You Accelerate Strategy Execution: Change has become a constant factor for organizations. Technological innovation is evolving faster than ever, market places are continuously changing, new generations are entering the workplace, globalization is all around us. All this creates…

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross-Cultural Leadership

We Boost Cross-Cultural Collaboration: For leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses the ability to build successful collaboration across cultures is a crucial competency. Dealing successfully with cross-cultural differences saves your company time and money. How to create effective collaboration between…

Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration

We Build Commitment and Alignment Across Companies: Many companies are dealing or will be dealing with mergers and acquisitions in the coming years. Changes in marketplaces and a shifting balance between East and West will have a significant impact on…

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How to spot a lack of team alignment

How to Spot (a lack of) Team Alignment by Observing Its Decision-Making Process

Successful teams take decisions as one. They find sound solutions and build successful execution because team members ‘own’ decisions as if they were their own. But reaching and maintaining this state takes conscious effort. Even the best teams can find…

How to Spot (a Lack of) Alignment during Team Meetings

Successful teams act out of a common focus, a sense of direction, and team members ‘own’ decisions as if they were their own. But reaching and maintaining this state takes conscious effort. Even in the best teams team members can…

Building successful teams by reaching beyond agreement, and creating an alignment focus

Building Successful Teams by Reaching Beyond Agreement

Successful teams are not interested in trying to find out ‘who is right’ and ‘who is wrong’. They are not really keen on reaching ‘agreement’. They aim for more. Why? Because they understand that people are complex creatures. We all…

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To learn from his multi-decade experience in guiding business teams through complex change. To be inspired by Aad to move to action. By his energy and enthusiasm combined with a pragmatic and hands-on style.

People who attend Aad’s sessions find he connects with his audience through real-life business stories that offer practical lessons they can immediate use and benefit from.

Aad advises, coaches, and supports leaders and their teams all over the world in leading complex change, dealing with cross-cultural challenges, and post-merger integration issues.

His keynotes and workshops have a powerful and lasting impact on the participants.

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