Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration

We Build Commitment and Alignment Across Companies:

Many companies are dealing or will be dealing with mergers and acquisitions in the coming years. Changes in marketplaces and a shifting balance between East and West will have a significant impact on businesses and its leaders. A well-prepared and well-led integration process versus a quick and dirty imbalanced approach will make the difference between value creation and impairment.

  • How to get a good understanding of the potential integration issues that might occur?
  • How to create senior leadership alignment about the route to follow?
  • How to get beyond financial paperwork and actually get people to work together successfully? 
  • How to understand cultural differences between the two companies and their impact?
  • How to set up a successful integration plan that reduces potential issues?
  • How to engage managers and employees and create ownership and commitment?
  • How to keep momentum during the integration process?
  • How to get from cultural differences to cultural alignment?
  • How to retain talent and key people from both companies?

We have advised and supported many clients in dealing with different aspects of the merger and acquisition process. Varying from being sounding board to the C-level leadership, over providing analysis and assessments of potential post-merger issues and how to deal with it, to implementing end-to-end post merger integration programs involving all levels of both companies.

Brochure of a Team Development Workshop

Team Alignment Brochure – Click and Download

HRS has developed a successful methodology for building executive and leadership team alignment. This alignment approach enables leaders who are involved in post-merger integrations to create a strong and shared focus, to come to better and faster decision making, and to translate this into successful execution with sustained results.

Our expertise includes the following services:

  • Pre-deal Culture Due Diligence
  • Post Merger Integration Issue Analysis
  • Leadership Alignment Programs (see Brochure)
  • Setting up and Rolling out Post Merger Integration Programs
  • Coaching Executives in Leading Teams in Post-Merger Integrations
  • Improving (Cross) Team Collaboration (Team Coaching and Facilitation)

Our work is known by our clients for its experienced hands-on approach and strong link with the client’s business reality. Our services are always customized to your specific needs.

If you are interested to know more about our Post Merger Integration services, contact us here.

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