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‘Catch the best wind to increase your speed together.’

We help executives, leaders and their teams to increase the adaptability of their organizations while maintaining focus. By bringing the quality and effectiveness of collaboration to a higher level, within and across company borders.  By creating stronger alignment within and between teams on vision and strategy.  Strategy execution will be faster and more effective – even when the wind unexpectedly changes.

We support our clients globally with a variety of services based on a strong expertise and track record in three key domains:


Leading Complex Change

Leading Complex Change

Supporting you and your organization to (re)establish purpose and focus in times of turbulent change. To define a common strategy, and build true engagement and motivation throughout the organization. To increase confidence, resilience and agility, and create a culture of disciplined execution.  (Click for more …)

 Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Helping you to build result-oriented collaboration across cultures and company borders. Stimulating cross-cultural effectiveness at all levels in the organization (including C-level). Creating the trust and openness required to boost individual and team performance within and between company departments. Increasing effectiveness in dealing with cross-company partnerships and alliances.  (Click for more …)

Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration

Turning your acquisition or merger into a success by paying special attention to the people side of the integration. Creating a new organization that incorporates the best of both cultures. Supporting senior leaders to define an effective integration plan that enables leaders, employees and teams to find a common direction, that stimulates mutual collaboration, and leads to measurable results. (Click for more …)
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