Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross-Cultural Leadership

We Boost Cross-Cultural Collaboration:

For leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses the ability to build successful collaboration across cultures is a crucial competency. Dealing successfully with cross-cultural differences saves your company time and money.

  • How to create effective collaboration between people from different cultures?
  • How to lead cross-cultural teams?
  • How to build mutual trust, openness, and respect?
  • How to enhance Cultural Intelligence (CQ)?
  • How to boost business performance by combining the strengths of different cultures?

Understanding how to master cross-cultural leadership is a critical success factor for today’s leaders.

We help leaders and their teams to recognize and understand cultural differences in their organization, and the impact these have on people behavior and teamwork. We support them as they shift from ‘focusing on mutual differences’ to ‘combining mutual strengths’. HRS has developed a successful Cross-Cultural Leadership Program. This cross-cultural leadership program enables leaders and their teams to increase mutual trust, openness and respect, and to use this to drive successful collaboration and to boost business performance.

Our work with international clients includes the following services:

Our work is known by our clients for its experienced hands-on approach and strong link with the client’s business reality. Our services are always customized to your specific needs.

Want to learn more about our cross-cultural leadership services?  Contact us here.

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