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Some of Aad’s most popular keynotes

Aad speaking at the SIETAR Europa Annual Congress in Valencia in 2015

SIETAR European Annual Congress

A) How to Lead Cross-Cultural Teams

Strengthen your intercultural competence and boost people collaboration and performance across cultures

Aad Boot speaking at a CongressIn our globalized economy, your abilty to build and lead successful cross-cultural teams has become a crucial competency.

You wonder if there is an effective method for getting your team based on three continents to work together successfully.

You want to stimulate your (for instance) Japanese-German-American team’s day-to-day effectiveness.

You spot and observe cultural differences, but know that noticing these differences is not the same as reconciling these and creating team alignment.

Together with cross-cultural leadership expert Aad Boot you will take a closer look at how successful cross-cultural business teams operate, and what differentiates them from other teams.

Aad will offer you practical insights, tips and skills that you can directly use in your own work. Because teams where East (Japan, China, India, ..) and West work together are an increasing business reality, Aad will pay particular attention to bridging the East-West cultural divide.

Questions that Aad will address in this keynote:

  • How to encourage openness between team members with different (Asian, Western) backgrounds?
  • What are particular challenges for global virtual teams, and how to address those?
  • How to deal with hierarchy across cultures?
  • How to build trust, despite cultural differences?
  • How to get your team from taking good decisions to turning these decisions into concrete and measurable results?

B) Do You Lead Change or Is Change Leading You

How to stimulate adaptability of people and teams while maintaining focus

Aad speaking at a congressYou are increasingly confronted with changes that cannot be planned upfront and boxed in a traditional project management structure: define it, detail it, roll it out, and then back to business.

Many of today’s changes are related to fast evolving new technologies, and shifting global power structures. It is often unclear exactly what these changes entail, but they have a profound impact on our organization.

You are expected to guide our people through these changes, while finding a way to handle the increased level of complexity and uncertainty associated with it.

You want to motivate your people by presenting them a clear overview of the steps to follow and the results to achieve, but you do not yet have all the answers yourself.

You try to manage resistance and change fatigue, but know that the next change already looms on the horizon.

Questions that Aad will address in this keynote:

  • What does change mean to you?
  • What are the most effective ways to turn resistance to change into a will to engage?
  • Why we don’t need more collaboration, but better collaboration
  • How do you recognize the difference between ‘people who work together’ versus ‘people who are aligned’?
  • How to help people and teams to maintain focus and direction in times of change?


Why do organizations hire Aad? 

To learn from his multi-decade experience in guiding business teams through complex change. To be inspired by Aad to move to action. By his energy and enthusiasm combined with a pragmatic and hands-on style.

People who attend Aad’s sessions find he connects with his audience through real-life business stories that offer practical lessons they can immediate use and benefit from.

Aad advises, coaches, and supports leaders and their teams all over the world in leading complex change, dealing with cross-cultural challenges, and post-merger integration issues.

His keynotes and workshops have a powerful and lasting impact on the participants.

As part of kick-off sessions, complex change initiatives, leadership development programs or corporate academies, in large-scale interventions, and other events.

Audiences vary from small teams to groups of 100 – 1000 people or more. Aad delivers his keynotes in English or Dutch.

Words clients typically use when working with Aad:

Focused, Professional, Practical, Energizing, Passion, Out of the Box, Enriching, International, Insightful, Cross border


How to Book Aad? 

To book Aad for a speaking engagement contact us here for more information and for possible dates. We will be pleased to discuss the details with you.

Contact Aad: aad.boot@gmail.com

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