Leading Complex Change

Leading Complex Change

Our First Service Line: Change has become a constant factor for organizations. Technological innovation is evolving faster than ever, market places are continuously changing, new generations are entering the workplace, the workplace itself changes, globalization is all around us. All…

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Our Second Service Line: For leaders of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses the ability to connect people and build successful collaboration in cross-cultural environments is a crucial competency. Many companies operate in globalized markets and leaders have to deal with cross-cultural differences….

Post Merger Integration

Post Merger Integration

Our Third Service Line: Many companies are dealing or will be dealing with mergers and acquisitions in the coming years. Changes in marketplaces and a shifting balance between East and West will have a significant impact on businesses and its…

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Why Collaboration Is a Top Concern for Every Leader

Originally published on LinkedIn (read original). Senior leaders regularly share with me their concerns about the level of collaboration in the company. They often mention the lack of cross-organizational collaboration they experience, and how this is hindering the company to…

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Cross-Cultural Leadership: The One Secret Success Ingredient

Do business leaders and HR departments pay sufficient attention to equipping people preparing for international assignments, as well as managers leading cross-cultural teams, with sound cross-cultural leadership skills? Research conducted at Dutch Neyenrode Business University suggests they don’t. And that’s…

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Strategy Execution: Why It Often Fails

A senior executive recently shared with me: “I have been explaining our new strategy for months, and last week in a leadership meeting I got astonishing feedback. The main message was ‘we have no clue where we’re going with our…

Cover of e-book The Cross-Cultural Compass presented on iPad and iPhone with picture of a compass.

How Successful Cross-Cultural Leaders Work

Your Personal Guide to How Successful Cross-Cultural Leaders Work: Introducing the Cross-Cultural Compass.

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