Our Top 5 Leadership Articles of 2016

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Find here the Top 5 leadership articles selected by our readers in 2016

In 2016 LeadershipWatch has again welcomed an amazing amount of readers, and we received lots of appreciation and nice reactions. Many thanks to you all! You are a great inspiration to us, and you stimulate us to keep on sharing real life business experiences and to explore more new topics that are important in today’s fast changing business environment.

We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back in 2017!

Below we listed the top 5 most popular articles over 2016. Enjoy!


People pulling a rope, accountability1) 4 Tips to Make Your Team Embrace Accountability

For multinational (and other) enterprises, competitive advantage and successful strategy execution increasingly depend on getting cross-company collaboration right. Accountability is a vital element for creating a collaboration culture that delivers results. How to do this?

Foto Part 92) Leading Change: What Does Change Mean to You?

It is our mental model towards change that defines whether leading change turns out to be a painful burden or a stimulating learning experience. The more leaders support cultures in which change is approached as something continuous, the more their teams will be able to embrace and achieve successful change. It starts with the leaders’ mind set.

Multinational companies3) Leading Multinational Companies: Three Significant Changes in the Role of Senior Leaders

Today’s business environment is changing. It affects people and businesses worldwide, and surely also multinational companies. In working with multinational companies we see three specific changes that affect the role of senior leaders. Three changes that require special attention and sometimes even a fundamental mind shift.

Woman in black dress standing in business office with iPad in her hand watching out of the window over downtown Hong Kong4) Skills of the Future: The Best Expert Advice on Creativity

By 2020, creativity will be one of the top 3 skills anyone who wants to be successful in the economy of the future will need, according to the Future of Jobs report. We looked for the best expert advice on creativity – and found it.

Chinese Gate at the Tiananmen square in Beijing5) When East Meets West: Peter Hessler Shares His 3 Best Tips for 2016

When the American journalist and writer Peter Hessler moved to China to teach and write, he discovered that things were almost diametrically opposed to what he had been used to in the U.S. In this article he shares his 3 best tips about dealing with the confusion (and sometimes frustration) when East meets West.

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