Leadershipwatch Anniversary

Anniversary Cup cakes

This month is the 2nd anniversary of Leadershipwatch!

The past two years have been exciting and rewarding. Leadershipwatch has become a source for 21st century leaders to find new insights, advice and tips on how to deal with today’s leadership challenges.

Thanks a lot everybody for visiting Leadershipwatch and for enjoying and sharing its articles and content. Your reactions and comments have been a source of inspiration and encouragement!

This anniversary is a nice moment to look back at your Leadershipwatch favorite articles (most read by you):

I also like to share with you some of my personal favorites:

What articles are your favorites? What insights or tips did you like particularly? How did you apply them? Let me know!

I hope to meet you on Leadershipwatch many more times and I look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

Photo: Oatsy40/Flickr (Creative Commons)


Aad is an international leadership advisor, business transformation & alignment expert, leadership team facilitator and executive coach. He works with executives and leadership teams of multinational companies and focuses on four topics: ‘leading complex change’, ‘cross-cultural leadership’, ‘post-merger integration’, and ‘amplifying business performance’. Find out more about Aad and his services. Contact Aad for more information.

4 Comments on “Leadershipwatch Anniversary

  1. Sir – congratulations !! I am a regular reader of “Leadershipwatch”. Looking forward to more articles and practical direction /tips towards “Execution” really since in typical project /program environment – ‘execution’ is where the “rubber meets the road”.
    Leadership without timely delivery is meaningless and just tall talk or grammar really – through you we all hope to “walk the talk’ instead of “talk the talk”.

    Basskar , Abuja – Nigeria.


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