Team Alignment: What if Your Team is Stuck?

Rope in a knot, team

Do you recognize this situation? A team is confronted with an important problem, and it has to tackle it. All team members are actively discussing and debating the problem, trying to come up with a proper solution. Everybody shares a…

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How Does Your Team Make Decisions?

The People Alignment Compass – Part 2 A leaders’ guide to mastering the Essence of People Alignment in today’s business reality. The People Alignment Compass articles provide tips and insights on how leaders can create people alignment. The checklists are…

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Is your Team really Aligned?

The story you are about to read is a real life story. A few years ago I participated in a management team meeting of John (not his real name) and his team. John’s company, a Fortune 100 business, had recently…

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