This Year’s 5 Most Read Articles on Leading Complex Change

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Find here the top 5 most read articles on leading complex change and cross-cultural collaboration on LeadershipWatch in 2017. Enjoy!

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1) Organizational Alignment: The Power of Cross-Organizational Networks

What will the organizations of tomorrow look like? Will they still hold on to hierarchy and functional departmental structures? Or will they use the power of cross-organizational networks to increase flexibility and adaptability? 

Leading change, Leadershipwatch, nature, flowers2) Stop Believing These Persistent Myths About Leading Change

Leading change in today’s world requires a different approach to change. Some persistent myths about leading change are still alive. These myths hinder us instead of helping us. It is time we stop believing them.

People pulling a rope, accountability3) 4 Tips to Make Your Team Embrace Accountability

Leading change has a lot to do with making people embrace accountability. It is a vital element for creating a collaboration culture that delivers results. How to do this?

Losing Face, Smiley4) Cross-Cultural Leadership: How to Avoid Making People Lose Face

The cross-cultural aspect of ‘losing face’ can play an important role when you are leading teams involving people from different cultures. It can cause misunderstandings and awkward situations between people. Some specific leadership tips can prevent this.

Michael Puett, Harvard Business School, speaking at The School of Life5) Skills for the Future: Break Patterns and Surprise Yourself, says Harvard’s Michael Puett

What are the key skills for the future? Harvard professor Michael Puett explains the skill of breaking patterns and its impact on your leadership, and on the people you interact with.

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